Hot 'Details' Magazine Outtake


Picture can be found in the magazine - small table of contents picture, page 55 (details via RP Life)

Better quality photo via @candykizzes24

Source via Thinking of Rob


Patte said...

He is so hot...why o why can't that be me on top! :-(

cherry.blossomz said...

the top photo was taken by me and you stole it from my twitpic. no biggie, but you should acknowledge that.

 justnikki said...

Hey cherry.blossomz - I did source you at the bottom of the post. I just specifically sourced the better quality photo also. But you were my main source :)

cherry.blossomz said...

well, i apologize, so sorry... only saw RPLife sourced. Its no problen, Rob's hotness belongs to us all! No worries :)