A Gay Night Out For Taylor Lautner

Like the article says - take it with a grain of salt.
Now, girls, we want you to take this all with a grain of salt but teen heart throb Taylor Lautner was allegedly spotted at "a gay party" last week and now the nation's gays are all praying that Taylor (and his abs) is a friend of Dorothy.

An anonymous member of Hollywood's Power Gays reports to LimeLife that Taylor was spotted at a party hosted by openly gay X-Men director Bryan Singer last week. Apparently this was a "gay party," not to be confused with simply just "a party," and the Hollywood fĂȘte was "composed almost completely of gay men."

Taylor wasn't spotted canoodling with any other party-goers, gay or straight, but the sighting of the Taylor at the gay event was enough to send the gays in a tizzy over his sexuality. The handsome teen has now been allegedly dubbed "The Great Gay Hope."

We don't want to burst every gay guy in America's bubble but just because a guy goes into a gay man's house does not make him gay. Maybe Taylor was just hanging out with the director because he plans on starring in one of Singer's upcoming films. Or maybe Taylor is just friends with gay people in Singer's circle. Straight men being friends with gay men, what a strange concept!

Gay or not, we think it is nice that Taylor doesn't have a problem hanging out with his gay friends.

Source: celebuzz.com

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I really like him but I would not be too shocked if he turned out to be "Dorothy's Best Friend"-Lol.....