Kristen Stewart's Got a Lot of Range

With rumors circulating that Kristen Stewart could be replacing Angelina Jolie in the Wanted sequel, MTV thought it wise to write up a list of films Kristen has starred in to show she is capable of starring in an action flick - she's got a range of acting abilities. Piece of cake.

"Panic Room"
It all began here. Back before vampires and werewolves entered her life, KStew starred in this intense thriller alongside Jodie Foster at the young age of 12. The movie featured Stewart and Foster huddled up in the family panic room -- a self-sustaining room that can be sealed against home invaders -- for a little over an hour and a half. It also taught us that even criminals have hearts. So long as they're Forest Whitaker, and not some country singer.

Almost immediately after breaking out in "Panic Room," Stewart took to the indie scene in this brilliant drama exploring emotional trauma and high school life. A must for any indie fan, "Speak" stars Stewart as a selective mute entering her first year of high school. As the story unravels, the audience learns exactly what happened that made the character choose not to speak. While KStew says very little during the course of the film, this is the movie that got people talking about the future star.

"Catch That Kid"
Many actors head into the kid comedy circle of hell much later in their career. But not this girl. A surprisingly watchable film—so long as you really, really suspend your disbelief—"Catch That Kid" is a bizarre mix of kid movie, heist film and "Flashdance" that centers around three youngsters attempting to rob a bank in order to save the life of one of their parents. Also, Jennifer Beals is in it.

"The Messengers"
Ah, the "creepy kid" horror movie genre. How you little ones haunt my dreams. I'm pretty sure KStew kept up the awesome acting in this one, but it's hard to tell because I kept having to go change my pants every few minutes. It's a terrifying movie, especially that kid playing the younger brother, Ben. Mostly because I thought that if I looked away, he'd eat my soul.

A great, great film that features a bunch of brilliant actors, from Ryan Reynolds to Bill Hader to Martin Starr, "Adventureland" ranks as one of the best films of 2009. Unfortunately, the studio tried to sell it like the next "Superbad" when it's really more of a dramatic coming-of-age tale with liberal sprinklings of comedy, which hurt the word of mouth buzz. Stewart shines opposite co-star Jesse Eisenberg, proving that she can do real-person dialogue just as well as she does melodrama.


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