Robert Pattinson Fears Women Will Only Date Him Because of Fame

Though he’s one of the most desirable men in Hollywood, Robert Pattinson says he’s fearful that the ladies are only interested in his celebrity.

The “New Moon” hunk recently explained that despite his reputation, he’s not the dream man everyone makes him out to be.

“I can never live up to the image that the media has created; I am not that ‘hunk.’ Besides that there is always the fear that women only want to date me because I’m famous, and with a little bad luck they will go straight to the gossip press afterward.”

“At this moment it is too much, everywhere I go, girls are screaming or fainting. I don’t understand why, because I am a normal guy who is not at all doing his best to be noticed. And really; I’m not as sexy as Brad Pitt?”


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Ruth said...

Yeah that's fair enough that he'd be weary of people only liking him 'cos of his fame. I do have to disagree with him on one thing though - yes Rob, you are as sexy as Brad Pitt lol