Scandilicious Mysteries Surrounding Robsten

Ted Casablanca of E! reports on his top five "scandilicious" mysteries that surround Robsten.

1. Nikkigate!
Here's what we know went down with this ménage à something: Somehow this happy threesome quickly became a happier twosome, and that's when the vamp blood hit the fan.

Nikki and Rob were whatever'ing together for a while, but before we could say "Robki," Rob replaced Reed with her onetime bestie Kristen. And it's safe to say Kristen and Nikki have been on the outs ever since—at least if N.R.'s mucho quick exit from their BFF project, K-11, is any indication.

2. What the Hell Happened to Michael Angarano?
As far as we know about these extreme exes, Kristen and former BF Michael seemed so happy in love while fooling around in Vancouver last year, right?

Uh, more like they were taking a note from the Gyllenspoon Guide to H'wood Romances—and judging by M.A.'s silent and so sneaky departure from the Twi scene, we're leaning toward the latter (at least for our girl K.Stew).

Michael was fazed out, tho we're sure no one protested the faze-out because it left K.Stew free to pursue her real-life Edward Cullen.

And, like that, Angarano was left stateside as Kristen filmed New Moon in Italy, giving her plenty of time to cuddle up with her cutie costar. Poor Michael, right? We'd be jealous of R.Pattz, too.

3. The Silencing of Summit
While the suits at Summit may now be debating whether Robsten should just come out with their relaysh, they haven't always been so cool with the kissing costars—far from it, actually. The studio was dead set on keeping their leads apart and gave them the "slap on the wrist" heard round the Robsten world.

But, boy, did they have their hands full.

No matter how many lameass "Robsten Files" the suits kept locked away in their Debbie Downer dungeons, the couple has always been more than a bit rebellious. Seems the more the business folks tried to keep the superfrisky duo apart, the sneakier they got with their offscreen lovin'. Which brings us to...

4. The Unphotographable Duo!
Team Awful always catches word of Robsten's secret rendezvous, so why the heck can't the paparazzi ever catch the stars red-handed?

We need both hands—and then some—to count all the times Robsten was able to fly under the pap radar—you know, like their Comic-Con get-together, multiple pit stops at Chateau Marmont, their night-time romp at the BAFTAs and subsequent London pub hopping and, most recently, that B-day bash in Budapest that wasn't picked up till the duo were freaking leaving.

So what gives? Why aren't those pesky paps able to catch any of these outings? Robsten has always been one of the sneakier couples, and unlike those H'wood couples who so desperately want their privacy (we're looking at you, Renée and B.Cooper), Robsten actually wants to stay out of the tabs.

5. Whatever's Next!
We all know there's going to be another yummy scene to come for Robsten. With the Eclipse tour de force press coming up, there's no way R. & K. are going to be able to dodge all personal questions. Sure, most reporters will play nice and not de facto ask about their relaysh, but there's going to be something to the degree of "How did you enjoy your time off in Budapest?" we can guarantee you that.

Source: E! Online

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