The Spencer Bell Legacy Project And Show

Spencer Bell was a talented musician and an artist who lost his battle to adrenal cancer in 2006 when he was just 20 years old. His music and art continues to live on through his family and friends including the Spencer Bell Legacy Euro website.

I'm sure most of you came across this video posting on other Twi-related websites:

This song was sung and written by Spencer and directed by his close friend, Jackson Rathbone. Jackson, with his band 100 Monkeys, are very active in spreading awareness about adrenal cancer. 100 Monkeys currently play one of Spencer's songs at each stop of their 100 City Tour and can be seen wearing the tie dye Cause wristband.

On April 24th the band, together with five other bands, will take part in the Spencer Bell Legacy Show in Dallas, TX hosted by the non profit company "Artist Supporting a
Cure Against Cancer Now". All proceeds will go to cancer research, promoting awareness, and supporting those whom cancer has affected. You can visit for more info.

You can now also order Spencer's CD "Brain" mastered and produced by Scott Coslett and
Benjamin Johnson of 100 Monkeys. Click here to order in the US. For those in Europe, click here to get details on how you can preorder your copy of the CD.

To learn more about Spencer Bell and the Spencer Bell Legacy Europe project please visit

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Marguerite said...

Amazing song! Spencer really is an incredible artist!