Taylor Lautner to Play Lead in 'Romeo and Juliet'?

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins are set to star in the upcoming thriller Abduction and the two may find themselves together again in an updated version of Romeo and Juliet.

British screen writer Julian Fellowes is working on a screenplay that includes Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins.
“We want to tell Romeo and Juliet as clearly as we can, paring down Shakespeare’s language,” says Fellowes, who wrote the original screenplay for thriller “The Tourist, shooting in Venice with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

Taylor hasn't been officially linked to the project but his name is being tossed around for the lead role as "Romeo".
“This generation hasn’t had its own Romeo and Juliet,” he tells blogger Tim Adler. “My generation had the Franco Zeffirelli version, while John Gielgud was Romeo for my parents’ generation. For me, Romeo and Juliet is the iconic love story.”

The project will begin shooting in the Renaissance Verona, Italy in the fall, where Shakespeare’s play takes place.

Source: theimproper.com

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