Where Have the Bad Vamps Gone?

Let's take a look at other projects Cam Gigandet, Rachelle Lefevre and Edi Gathegi have been working on since their Twilight days.
Cam Gigandet. Since his role as James in “Twilight”, Gigandet has appeared in a series of mind-bending films ranging in genre from horror, to sci-fi, to sci-fi meets romantic drama. The most widely publicized of was the horror flick “The Unborn” (2009), in which he plays the boyfriend of a woman with an unborn twin who has (literally) come back to haunt her. “Pandorum”(2009) finds Gigandet as a one of a team of futuristic astronauts who awaken on a deserted spaceship to find an evil force aboard. In “Five Star Day” (2010 – the most easygoing of his recent releases) he stars a zodiac skeptic on a journey to learn whether three others born on his birthday in the same hospital had the shared experience of an epically cursed day. According to IMDB, Gigandet has eight more films in production for the remainder of 2010 and 2011.

Rachelle Lefevre. Though Victoria’s character is still alive at this point in the Twilight Saga movies, Rachelle Lefevre’s era playing the part is over. Unlike Gigandet, who seems to have focused solely on film, Lefvere has done projects for both film and television. On the film side, she plays prostitute Laura in “The Pool Boy” (2009), a comedy about a house-sitting teenager who turns the mansion he is watching into a brothel. In 2010 she will appear in a political thriller alongside Kevin Spacey and Kelly Preston in “Casino Jack”. She also starred in the made for television mystery, “Do You Know Me”, about a woman who sees a young picture of herself on a missing children milk carton ad. She has appeared as a guest on “Better off Ted” and is listed as appearing on the new television drama “The Deep End”. Additional projects (e.g., “Barney’s Version”, “The Caller” remain in post-production).

Edi Gathegi. Best-known for stints on popular television dramas such as “House, M.D.” and “CSI”, in the two years since filming “Twilight”, Gathegi seems to be focusing more on film. In “This is Not a Movie”(2009), Gathegi plays a the ghost of a former friend to the mind-tripping main character played by Edward Furlong.. He also played in the pioneering 3-D horror flick, “My Bloody Valentine”(2009) . According to IMDB, he has no pending projects in production.

Source: hollywoodnews.com

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