Fashion Designers Love Kristen Stewart's Style

Kristen Stewart’s endless love for plaid shirts and jeans might cause some people to criticize her fashion sense — but fashion designers Vera Wang and Derek Lam LOVE it! “She brings an element of sort of rock and hip, but not just because she’s on Twilight,” Vera told EXCLUSIVELY at the DKMS 4th Annual Gala at Cipriani in NYC on Apr. 29. “She brings that aura herself innately.”

And Derek agrees! “Kristen reminds me of Elvis for some reason,” he told us. “She’s got that swagger. I think she’s a tom boy at heart, and I feel like it’s really about the simplest thing and she’s sexy without even trying.”

When asked if she would like to chance to personally style Kristen, Vera said, “Yeah, I’d like to dress her for anything!” (Ya hear that, K-Stew? She’s waiting for your call!)

“I think a lot of the actors in Hollywood like to down play in the day,” Vera continued. “It’s all about jeans and being groovy and t-shirts. [For Kristen] I think something very goth but kind of cool. She works that so well!”

And if Derek had the choice for one stand-out accesory (especially for the summer) to see K-Stew sporting, it would be a bit ”bucket bag in color — something that works in the city and on the beach.”

“You can pack all of your stuff in it for the weekend and you're ready to go,” Derek explained. “A bright beautiful leather — It really works all year around. Color is very forgiving. Everybody thinks to go buy a black bag or a black pair of shoes, but a great color piece, you’ll have a whole new wardrobe!”

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