The Gives Kristen Stewart's US 'Elle' June Issue An A-

This issue is Elle‘s Body Issue, which translates to, “30 pages worth of stories that tell you to eat well and exercise.” Boring! The photo spread with Kristen Stewart, however, is not—who knew the girl had so much high fashion in her? While the accompanying story is pretty predictable—Kristen is awkward and disaffected and smokes a lot of cigarettes—I still enjoyed it. Ditto for the interview with Jake Gyllenhaal in which he talks about how he can’t wait to be a dad. Even better, an essay by a journalist who fell in love with a movie star onscreen, only to interview him several months later, and get the chance to sleep with him on repeat. She doesn’t name the dude, and seems to imply it was a long time ago, but I’m going to secretly hope it’s Jake.
Grade: A-


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