HQ Scans of Robert Pattinson From 'Homme' Magazine

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Interview translation by Elphie via Robsessed
In the first question they ask him about when he realised there was hysteria around his name and he says that he did not know how big the twilight books were but when they came back to LA for some reshoots for Twilight there were about 500 fans screaming, girls asking him for his autograph frantically and asking him to bite them.

How does he feel about all this publicity?
Overnight he was not an ordinary man anymore. Talks about the day before the HP premiere when he had a coffee at Leicester square when no one knew who he was. Now total strangers start screaming when they see him. It’s crazy.

Next question is about when he decided to pursue an acting career and he explains how his dad encouraged him to enrol at the acting school to meet cute girls, talks about changing school at 12 and discovering hair gel and says that he loathed homework and acting was the best outlet for him. His teachers used to say that he had potential but was too lazy to realise it.

Does he like interviews?
He replies that he gets nervous and needs to talk constantly to overcome his nerves and says the first thing that comes to his head. He says that the best way to preserve privacy is to not talk to anyone but he has to talk because it’s in his contract.

He idolises (adores) James Dean.

He does not like watching himself on the big screen and he always worries that he will seem fake. Even before he started acting he was worried that he expressed himself in a fake way. Tells the story of a break up when he was a teenager. He tried to pretend he was crying but it was a complete failure and he felt nothing.

Is he afraid of failure?
He replies: “when you feel invincible nothing matters. I realised that after HP when suddenly I was the hottest person in the UK. Afterwards the dust settles and no one cares. It is good to realise that early – in reality no one cares (is interested) in you”.

What does he think will happen after the Twilight Saga is over?
“I don’t know, the thought is a little scary”.

If it all ended today how would he feel?
“I wouldn’t mind. Above all what I want at this moment is to be taken seriously. I do not want to be ashamed of who I am or what I do”.

HQ scans thanks to Team Edward POV.

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