Rob Talks 'Bel Ami,' 'WFE,' And 'Unbound Captives'

Rob begins talking about the films at 5:00.

Robert Pattinson on Bel Ami: It's about a character called Georges Duroy who is a broke ex soldier in Paris in 1890. He has no drive. He’s just jealous of everything. He’s completely talentless. The only thing he does is, by accident he finds this guy in the army with a brothel and this other guy want’s to impress him so he gives him money and buys him a round and it ends up being like he’s invited the Devil into his house. He seduces his wife. He seduces all his wife’s friends. Every single influential woman he can get, he has an affair with and it ends up screwing over the entire society.

Robert Pattinson on Water for Elephants: It's a story about a guy in 1931 whose parents both die in a car crash when he’s at Cornell University studying veterinarian science. He jumps on a train out of desperation to find something else and it ends up being this circus train. He ends up falling in love with the star attraction who’s also the wife of the ring master and all the chaos that ensues after that.

Robert Pattinson on Unbound Captives: It’s a Western. It’s a sort of romantic, drama, western. My character is the son of Rachel Weisz. He get’s kidnapped by Comanches when he’s four and is raised by them. And my mother spends like 15 years or something trying to find me and when she finds me and I come back I can’t speak English anymore. I don’t recognize her and she doesn’t recognize me and I have kind of massive ADD in it as well.


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