Robert Pattinson Talks 'Remember Me' in Premiere (France) Magazine

P: You know how to keep the suspense. I’d like us to go back on the topic of Remember Me which shocked me with its maturity and seriousness. Do you think this darkness played a role in the shy number it got at the box office?

RP: Remember Me wasn’t made to be a blockbuster on the scale of Twilight, it was an indie movie with a tiny budget meaning that the promotion would be minimal. In the end, it made 60 millions of dollars all over the world: not bad for a movie which cost 16. I’m happy it wasn’t a big flop but never was I worried about the box office.

P: Many people said that this movie was your test about your movie star statut, it seemed a little early to me…

RP: I know! I read all the articles about Leo Dicaprio and the fact that his fans followed him after Titanic. But for me, Twilight has nothing to do with it. The fans will see the movies because they love the story. I never felt like I had a role in the success of it all. Like I’ve always said, it’s the character that people love, not me. I hope to be able to reach out to people due to the quality of the films that I make and not because people will hope to see a new Twilight as soon as my name is in the end credits.

P: We heard all types of stories surrounding the filming of Remember Me, like those of paparazzi that came out of the water while you were filming a beach sequence. You’re changing their entire profession.

RP: Nobody really understands this situation unless they went through it. The staff of Remember Me was in shock when they saw forty cameramen who tried to steal pictures on the set. Most of the actors of the movie didn’t see any of the Twilight movies and didn’t understand what was going on.

P: Did they ask you why you payed all these photographers who showed up on set?

RP: Exactly! “Well, Rob I didn’t know you needed such an ego boost!” *laughs*


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