So What's Going on With Robert Pattinson's 'Unbound Captives'?

Well, according to Rob's IMDB message board an interview with Rachel Weisz, a cast member of Unbound Captives, the movie is "definitely going ahead."

I just popped on TeamPattinsonUK and a poster has said she’s got Empire Magazine and there’s an interview with Weisz where she says that “Unbound Captives is definitely going ahead”. I popped over to the corner shop but they’ve sold their only issue (bummer) and it’s too late to text the poster from TeamPattinson (it’s 10.30pm here), so not sure when the interview took place.

Empire Mag is usually pretty good with info, it’s the leading film mag in Britain. It’s not up online yet, but I’ll see if I can get a copy tomorrow.

Preview from Empire Online:


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