Taylor Lautner's 'Abduction' Discussed in 'GQ' Interview

Taylor Lautner is the cover boy for the July issue of "GQ". Here is the portion of the interview that talks about his upcoming project Abduction.

Later this month, Lautner heads to Pittsburgh to shoot his first solo vehicle, Abduction. It's sort of a teen Bourne Identity, the story of a high school senior whose parents are killed the same day he finds his own photograph on a Web site for missing persons. This will be Lautner's first chance to carry a movie and to answer that other lingering question: Is he a movie star or a fleeting—albeit suddenly rich—curiosity? He says he wants to follow the "Tom Cruise model," and that's probably the right way to go. Lautner has the chance to be one of those nonthreatening boyish action heroes, the type that can cross ethnic lines and gender divides and bring people to the box office in droves.

Read the entire article here.

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