Rob Pattinson To Be An Animated Character?

It certainly seems it could be in the works! Rob recently met up with Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg on June 27th and their meeting was said to be "majorly successful!

“Rob and Jeffrey took a preliminary meeting to discuss Rob’s availability to be a voice in a few upcoming animated projects,” an industry insider tells exclusively of the Sunday luncheon in Glendale, Calif. adding, “Jeffrey also addressed his want for Rob to voice a character in the sequel to "How to Train Your Dragon.”

Adds our source, “This will not be the last meeting between the two, either. It was very non-formal and relaxed. They were meeting to check out each other’s schedules and ‘shoot the shit’ – pretty much to see if they would get along and potentially work together. Looks like they will be from how well things went!”


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