Nikki Reed's 'Chain Letter' Set For National Release

Nikki Reed's horror film Chain Letter has been acquired by New Films International which has planned to release the film in 400 cities the first week of August 2010. If all goes well, other cities will get a hold of Chain Letter.

Ron Gell, chief content officer for New Films, says "Chain Letter" will be a "breakout film for Deon [Taylor] and a breakout film, period," with potential for sequels in the same way that horror classic "Saw" spawned a movie franchise.

"Chain Letter" is "amazingly directed. Deon really stepped up and did a knockout job," says Gell, whose company recently moved into the domestic film business after 30 years as an international distributor.

"This (film) started with everybody in Hollywood slamming the door on me and saying, no, they wouldn't (release) it theatrically," he says. "But you deal with it, stand up and ask more people."


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