Mandy Moore Talks About Her 'Love, Wedding And Marriage' Co-star Kellan Lutz

Nylon magazine recently chatted with Mandy Moore and she dished a bit about working with her newest co-star Kellan Lutz on the set of their film Love, Wedding and Marriage.

Here's an excerpt from the interview where she discusses Kellan:
Plus, you got to kiss Kellan Lutz. Kellan is such a sweetheart, and was so lovely to work with. Plus, I mean, well, I'd never complain about showing up to work every morning to work with a handsome man. I loved seeing Kellan every morning, but I'm not sure my husband loved it!

And every teenage girl in America... He's a lot of fun to have on a movie set, and so incredibly nice. I'm glad I got to work with him, but I also felt bad - he was filming our movie, and filming [Twilight] so he was running back and forth between every set, and the boy did not have a day off.

Were you ever worried that Kellan would start saying vampire lines on set? Ha! No, he was very focused the whole time. He was great.


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