More Filming News For 'On the Road'

45 days of shooting
Some scenes of On The Road will be filmed in the USA and Mexico, but it is in Quebec that the majority of the film will be shot.

“It will be from August 2nd to November, in two stages, said Lyse Lafontaine. They talk about 45 days shooting in Quebec. ”

“The film’s producers came twice in the Belle Province to locate places that might stick to the script.”They came three weeks ago and last week,” says Hans Fraikin.

According to him, some scenes will be shot in studio, at Mel’s Cité du Cinema, but also in Montreal and probably in the region, as in the Laurentians.

“They need more roads,” says the Commissioner, stating in particular have helped the team, including director Walter Salles, get their visas. This will happen elsewhere in the province by the end of the week.

The producers also considered the possibility of turning some scenes in Quebec City.
“He has been tracking for some street corners, but I doubt we will go there,” admits Lyse Lafontaine.

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