RAoR Gives Us Deets on Rob's 'The Summer House'

In case you didn't know already, The Summer House was screened at this year's CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) in Toronto.

Well, Random Acts of Rob (ROaR) attended the screening and came back with some great details on the short film including DVD news as well as details of their chat with director Daisy Gili.

They've also got an awesome list of "Ten Things I Bet You Never Knew About The Summer House." Here's just a few of those tidbits:

1. Robert Pattinson was up against Max Irons (Jeremy Irons son) for the role of Richard.

2. The films budget was almost completely blown on the airfare required to get the cast & crew to France to film. Daisy loved the period look of the home and just had to film there.

3. Daisy’s ex-boyfriend worked on the set of the Haunted Airman and suggested Rob for the role of Richard.

Read the rest over at ROaR!

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