Kellan Lutz Wants To Be Your He-Man!

You all know how much Kellan wants to be an action star, and now we know his dream role!

Hey BFFs do you want to see Kellan Lutz’s chiseled six-pack up close and personal on the big screen? You might just get your wish if he gets his: Kellan wants to play the scantily-clad cartoon character He-Man, otherwise known as the Master of the Universe!

When asked the Twilight Saga hunk which action hero he’d most like to play at Matt Leinart’s “Bowling With the Stars” event in LA July 15, he told us, “He-Man is good. I like He-Man!” The 25-year-old added, “I love the X-Men [too].”

But what bout the Hulk? The role is up for grabs now that Edward Norton has been ousted from the part against his will! Unfortunately, Kellan dismissed even the notion of auditioning for the role, saying emphatically, “Oh, I wouldn’t make a good Hulk.”

We disagree, Kellan! We think anything that shows off your manly muscles is a good thing!


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