Nikki Reed's Latest Role in "Catch .44"

Nikki Reed is leaving her blood-sucking days behind her (for now) for some assassins.

The 22-year-old actress has booked a role in the upcoming Catch .44, along side Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker, according to Deadline.

The flick, which starts production in just a few days in Louisiana, follows Tes (Malin Ackerman), Dawn (Lizzy Caplan) and Kara (Kate Mara) — three girls working dead end jobs barely getting by in Vegas when their lives radically change when Tes has a run-in with an interesting stranger named Mel (Willis).

When Mel offers the girls a chance at a better life through crime, they take him up on the offer only to find themselves thrust into a life or death situation involving a psychopathic hit-man, a grizzly trucker, and a delusional line cook.


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