Nikki Reed's 'Privileged'

With elements of “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Great Gatsby”, “Privileged” is a modern psychological high school drama set in a community where social status is a birthright and newcomers are kept at a distance. The fictitious town of Garden Oaks is a bastion of old values and anglo traditions. Enter Isaac (Adam Butcher), a beacon of change who desperately wants to be accepted by his peers. When he learns that his parents’ tragic death leaves him with millions he never knew he had, Isaac sets out on a journey to win the acceptance of his classmates and the love of the beautiful Lauren, (Nikki Reed). Under this private school veneer lays the turbulent power-struggle over love, status and abuse. Will Isaac finally join the social elite or will he meet a tragic end that will one day blow over and leave Garden Oaks looking like the modern haven… that it isn’t. Shot by award winning DP, Rey Villalobos (A Bronx Tale, Border Town, Risky Business), “Privileged” will set a standard in low budget, high end filmmaking. Currently in Post-Production.


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