'OTR' Steaminess To Make It NC-17?

From shmoop.com:
Oh, let’s see: there was sex with Marylou, Camille, Inez, Terry, hanky-panky with the girl on the bus, that other girl on the bus, the one from the bus station, Beverly the waitress, the girls in Central City, the girls at the New Year’s Eve Party, and sex with the prostitutes in Mexico. There was unsuccessful lusting after everyone’s wife and their friends’ wives, the girls on the bus, the girls outside the bus, the girls in the station, Frankie’s daughter, Bull’s daughter, the farmer’s daughter on the side of the road, and the fifteen-year-old prostitute in Mexico. There was happy sex, make-up sex, angry sex, jealous sex, good sex, bad sex, vindictive sex, and sad sex. There was the good pillow talk afterwards, the bad pillow talk afterwards, and the complete lack of pillow talk afterwards. So yes, NC-17.


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